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COVID-19 safety monitoring for your city. Connect anyone in need with social and health services. Guidance from top physicians and coordination with local public health departments.

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Families engage with Greenlight by filling out surveys. Greenlight sends the data to a centralized database.

Reporting and Administrative Database
Health care
Social services

The city, social services, and health care organizations have access to data. People from particular organizations are alerted, and they take actions to help the families.

Greenlight is directed by Duke Physicians from Infectious Disease, Population Health Medicine, Duke Heart, Critical Care and Pediatrics who will work with you to keep your city on track.

Empower local public

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Working with city and county government leaders


Coordinate with local departments of public health


Coordination with trusted networks of community and faith based organizations

Public Health

Coordination with trusted networks of community and faith based organizations

Built for inclusion. Having trouble cultivating trust to adopt best practices and vaccination?

We work together with IDEO.org to ensure that PRN programs are designed for historically marginalized communities.

To reach communities, highest risk workers and most vurnable familite ans to ensure they get tretments.

In partnership with

Dashboard and alerts

Daily census
Of pandemic status at cohort and site level
To distinguish community acquired and work acquired transmission of COVID-19
And reporting for administrators, superintendents, and public health
Stratify staff
And cohorts for on-premise activities
Community-level monitoring of health and social needs
Trends of symptoms and infections

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide testing services?

Yes! Greenlight provides testing services through MAKO Laboratories. Additionally, Greenlight can help coordinate rapid testing for symptomatic students.

Is this what Duke uses?

Greenlight is an enhanced version of the original application used by Duke that helps to automate many of the processes that were coordinated by nursing and housing staff.

What does it cost?

For many schools, Greenlight is free. Contact us to see if you qualify. Otherwise, we charge the minimal amount needed to ensure your implementation runs smoothly.

How to contact you?

You can reach out to us via email at hello@greenlightready.com or by using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Additionally, you can schedule a meeting.

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