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Equity-focused vaccine navigation, COVID-19 monitoring, support services, and community empowerment to keep your community safe and open.

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Greenlight is a set of tools and practices that empowers your community to respond to the health and social needs of people affected by COVID-19

Has a symptom or social service need
Participates in-person
Connect to healthcare resources
Connect with community support
Daily check in

Empower your community to connect with vaccines, triage services, testing, and vaccines with a tap. Get reports to help you make decisions.

Coordinated COVID-19 response

Greenlight is a COVID-19 resilience system leveraging the experience and expertise of Duke Health. It brings together three pillars so that your community can embrace the safety of reopening


Greenlight enables and empowers trusted community members to connect vulnerable families to health and social services.


Developed by the clinical experts who implemented one of the nation's most successful reopening efforts at Duke University. Up-to-date playbooks guide you through any challenge.


Daily check-in's that connect families in your community to relevant health and social services with a tap. Disease and vaccine monitoring for populations.

Want to know more about how we protect your data?

Full control
Users have full control of their data.
No tracking
We don’t use any third-party tracking tools.
Built on HIPAA and FERPA Compliant Cloud Infrastructure.

Clinical advisory board

Have a team of the world’s top physicians and infectious disease specialists at your side and in your pocket.

Dev Sangvai
Vice President, Population Health Managment at Duke Health
Becky Smith
Medical Director for Infection Prevention at Duke Health
Mary Gray
Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research
Raquel Bartz
Chief of Critical Care at Duke Health
Manesh Patel
Professor & Chief of Cardiology at Duke Health
Mark Sendak
Population Health and Data Science Lead at the Duke Institute for Health Innovation.
Suresh Balu
Associate Dean, Innovation and Partnership for School of Medicine
Greenlight provides services
for school,
nursing homes,
Greenlight for nursing home

Partnering with communities

Greenlight is proud to work with the following organizations.

Curamericas Global

Curamericas provided grants to schools throughout North Carolina to use Greenlight for free. Curamericas handle social service requests ranging from food help to income relief.

Supply Hawk

Through Supply Hawk, Greenlight provides low cost access to personal protective equipment for both school staff and family. Supply Hawk works directly with manufacturers to secure the best prices for municipalities and nonprofits.

Duke Health

Greenlight has partnered with Duke to provide free testing to the Durham community. Duke is also processing COVID-19 relief payments for those who need to quarantine.

Durham City & County

Greenlight has partnered with Durham City and County to provide Greenlight and it social support services for free to business hard hit by the pandemic.

Stop the Spread

The needs of the COVID-19 crisis continue to evolve, requiring significant funding and resources. In response, the Stop the Spread Fund invests in promising opportunities to fight the virus — PPE, testing and tracing, treatments and vaccinations.

Pandemic Response Network

The Pandemic Response Network (PRN) is a network of health-based organizations, community-based organizations, state and federal agencies and associations, public and private employers, and religious organizations working together to connect people with the critical and supportive resources they need during the pandemic. PRN’s mission is to help people stay safe and connected during pandemics.

Proven at scale

Greenlight was developed by taking the successes of the Pandemic Responses Network and the SymMon app which has helped keep Duke University opened.

The Pandemic Response Network has helped keep users safe and healthy nationwide

Duke Health employees have safely treated patients without interruption during the pandemic
Students continue in‑person learning at Duke University
Users have given the Pandemic Response Network a 92% satisfaction score.
PRN has engaged with over 3,000 service requests throughout the United States since April 2020.

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